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A Local Story, A Mission To Serve, And A Drive To Succeed

Managing Partners John Garrison and Nick Householder began their direct distribution careers over two decades ago in Portland Oregon, and have continued to serve our local communities ever since.


After seeing a clear need for a distribution company that understands the unique needs of Oregon & Washington's market, they launched Local Distribution LLC with one focus in mind: To bring unparalleled service, competitive prices, and fantastic products to local stores, big or small.  


Two local entrepreneurs with deep PNW roots and a down-to-earth mindset, determined to shake up the game. You can count on Local Distribution LLC to deliver what others can't!

Our Values:

  • Honesty, integrity and professionalism

  • Family, friendships and enjoyment of life

  • Hard work, dedication and achievement


Our Goal:

  • Provide best in class service to our partners

  • Provide industry insight and information

  • Consistently improve our practices

  • Be valued business partners within our industry   


Our Objective:

  • Honor all commitments

  • Deliver results

  • Be viewed in a positive light

  • And to enjoy our craft

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